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How to buy a home with bad credit

It is no secret that times are getting hard for everyone. Unemployment is on the rise and many people are not able to buy homes anymore due to bad credit. There is an option for potential homeowners who would like to purchase a home. The most practical method to buying a home even if you [...]

Paying your taxes in the City of Detroit

Having dealt with many homes in Detroit over the past few years, I can say that 90% of the houses that came through had back taxes owed. The taxes sometimes are the same price as the home itself. With the city taking a long time to approve a reduction in the tax amounts, many people [...]

Avoid foreclosure, don’t wait around!

You know that you won’t be able to make your next month mortgage payment. There are so many thoughts and emotions that can run through your head at the very thought of losing your home. Its a scary situation, however there are people that are here to help you. In many cases the only solution [...]

Recent cash sales in Eastpointe,MI

Every month we will select one of the Metro Detroit cities to provide you with the most up to date information on cash sales in the area. Hopefully this will help homeowners who are in this area who wish to sell their homes soon. One thing that is typically seen with a lot of homeowners [...]

Should you sell your home to a real estate investor?

Selling your home is by far one of the biggest tasks that you may ever have to face. The very thought of selling your home brings along a lot of thoughts and a big to do list. If you own your home free and clear it is a lot easier to sell than if you [...]

Getting the value out of your house in todays market

  It is no secret that the housing prices have dived down really low within the past few years. The problems that many homeowners are facing is that they may have mortgages or want more for their homes than what is actually selling at the moment. The only solution for homeowners who would like to [...]